February 8-10 — Loving Deeply:
A Valentine's Celebration and Renewal Retreat for Couples
Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA
Cost: Depends on family income & choice of accommodations

Rowe is not just a retreat center but a state of mind. Being here feels like returning to the 60's. There is a wonderful spirit of love and community in a comfortable, funky, rustic setting. It is very homey and welcoming in a country sort of way. Winter is our favorite time to be here. The woods are filled up with snow, and you feel enfolded and held by the warmth of the place. The food is wonderful, too.

During this retreat, we will teach several elegantly simple practices to help you celebrate your love, connect under all conditions, strengthen trust, open your hearts to each other, and transform whatever hurts, losses, and fears have accumulated into a deeper loving. You'll practice abiding together in the present moment, meeting each other in truth and mutuality, and expanding your compassion to include whatever is unloved in yourselves. This retreat includes humor and movement as well as talks, meditations, demonstrations, experiential exercises, and group sharing.

The workshop will have five sessions: Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning.

We are longtime friends of Rowe and have been teaching here for over 15 years.

For more information and to register, call (413) 339-4954 or click here: Rowe Center



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