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Couples Retreats, Workshops, & Groups

A deep and enduring intimacy is one of life’s greatest treasures. It is a treasure we create moment by moment by focusing our attention on the preciousness of our being together — right now.  Abiding together in the present, we learn how to unconditionally and  whole-heartedly immerse ourselves in whatever experiences life has to offer us.  Perhaps right now we are one — wonderfully, onefully together. Or perhaps right now we are two — a separate “me” and “you,” a collision or a kiss of differences. By turns, our being together may be blissful, sad, funny, angry, tender, hurtful, or healing. It is continuously and kaleidoscopically changing. And by staying present while going through all these changes together, our intimacy and our love are immeasurably enriched.

Our workshops, courses,  and retreats for couples are all entitled, Being Together,  because they offer an opportunity to enter deeply into this experience of being present with each other. This experience enables us to reconnect, to open our hearts, and to transform whatever hurts, disappointments, resentments and fears we have accumulated into a deeper, more compassionate, and  lasting connection.  This is how love and relationships grow.

In our workshops, we create an environment which is profoundly safe.  It is a loving environment that is ample enough to hold the whole human truth of who you both are — your  strengths, your vulnerabilities, your courage, your fears, your faith, your doubts — as well as all your unique ways of giving and receiving love. 

Our aim is to help you bring your relationship to an entirely new level of awareness, authenticity, intimacy, and fulfillment.  We will share with you the heart of what we have learned from being a couple for over 40 years and couple therapists for over 35 years and will teach you some elegantly simple exercises that when practiced over time, cultivate a deep sense of  connection and aliveness.

Our workshops include lots of humor, music and movement as well as talk, demonstrations, experiential exercises and group sharing. They are open to all couples — young or old, married or unmarried, straight or gay — who are eager to learn more about the intimate art of loving one another.

All workshops occur on weekends. Couples workshops at our Cambridge office meet Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.  Couples retreats are usually longer and are held in more remote or exotic locations. Whatever the format, our focus is the same — learning how to sustain a deep connection in all circumstances.


“For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.... So we must not forget, when we love, that we are beginners, bunglers of life, apprentices in love and must learn love; and like all learning, this needs peace, patience, and composure.”
                                                        —Rainer Maria Rilke


“From love we learn to release our relentless longing for more and to rest in the blessedness of things as they are.   From love we learn to heal our losses and our fears of loss.  Love awakens us. It shows us the truth about ourselves and gives us the courage to live this truth. Love sustains us: it is our quintessential nourishment.   And love connects us--to others, to ourselves, and to the source of all being.  Love is our teacher, and we are love’s apprentices.”

—Rich & Antra Borofsky


2019 Schedule

February 8 - 10 – Loving Deeply: A Valentine's Celebration and Renewal

Rowe, MA. Rowe Conference Center
For more information click here: Couples Retreat

April 27 - 28 – Being Together: The Art of Loving

Weekend Couples Workshop
Cambridge, MA. Center for the Study of Relationship
For more information click here: Couples Workshop

August 23 - 25 – Intimacy as a Spiritual Path

Weekend Couples Retreat
Lenox, MA. Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
For more information click here: Couples Retreat

October 19 - 20 – Weekend Couples Workshop

Being Together: the Art of Loving
Cambridge, MA. Center for the Study of Relationship
For more information click here: Couples Workshop

December 7 - 8 – Level II Weekend Couples Workshop

Center for the Study of Relationship, Cambridge, MA.
For more information click here: Couples Workshop




Please call or email us for more information about any of these events. Also, please contact us if you are interested in organizing your own workshop or retreat.

Couples Retreat Boston


Appreciations from Participants

"So useful!  I have many skills to work with when I leave.  I have a sense of hope, expertise, and love.  The Borofskys' knowledge and warmth, their ability to model the skills they are teaching, and their honesty were outstanding, as was their ability to form a trusting group quickly and skillfully."
                             —Social worker, Arlington, MA

“Of the many contributions Rich and Antra made to this workshop, the greatest for me was their authenticity. I deeply appreciated their willingness to share their own struggles and successes with us.   This enabled me to feel safe and to bring all of myself to every exercise we did.   Their level of availability and obvious love and devotion to the work they do was palpable and created a lovely, safe container for all of us to truly open up and share.”
                              --Physician, Hartford, CT

"An amazing collaboration between presenters, structure and spontaneity.
Highly skillful and intuitive.  Lots of caring and careful attention to needs of the group."
                             —Quality assurance specialist, Concord, MA

“We both feel that we have shared, accepted, and loved through some of our deepest fears and wounds this weekend, and are now sharing an intimate energy we haven’t felt since we first met. I know there will be difficulties going forward, but we both feel we have reached a level of  understanding and connection that neither of us thought was possible.”
                               --Photographer, Brant Lake, NY.

"Many tools, much heart, much hope."
                             —Community organizer, Salem, MA

"This was an absolutely wonderful workshop which should be more extensively publicized.  It was well-organized, well thought out and delivered with clarity, feeling, and sensitivity."
                             —Executive, Needham, MA

"Skillful, fulfilling, deep.  Much love and wisdom. Five stars!
                             —Lobster fisherman, Rockport, ME

“It has been a long time since I felt my heart so open.  Rich and Antra’s love and gentleness and techniques have led me to reconnect with my wife in way that is much deeper and more authentic.”
                               --Retired airline pilot, Madison, NJ

“This weekend Rich and Antra helped bring magic back into our relationship.  They created a sacred space that allowed our loving to be present.  We are deeply grateful for their expertise, caring, light touch, and commitment to others.”                
                              --Fundraiser, Boston, MA

“Even though we were dealing with challenging issues, I laughed hard and often. Rich and Antra helped us to look deeply, and at the same time not take ourselves so seriously. Amazing that such productive work could be so enjoyable!”
                             —Waldorf teacher, Chelsea, VT

“This weekend was miraculous for us.  It was wonderful to be in such a loving, safe environment, with such experienced and loving guidance where we could really connect with each other.  We are grateful to be taking with us the exercises we learned so we can create this at home.”
                              --Mother, Syracuse, NY

"Very empowering and at the same time very down-to-earth. I got more than I expected--and I expected a lot."
                             —Social worker, Norwich, CT

“This weekend was very special    It was beautiful to witness how present Rich and Antra were with each other and very moving to feel how present they were with us. I love how their approach cuts through our issues to the core place of love in us and brings that out. They are such gifts.”
                             —B & B owner, Cambridge, MA

"Warm, human, cathartic, informative.  I'm sad to leave.  I feel so much lighter.  This far exceeded my hopes  (and I'm very critical!) "            
                             —Yoga teacher, Needham, MA

“The man who was afraid that this workshop would be like getting a root canal is now making sweet murmurings to me.   Thank you for this precious gift. It was a WONDERFUL workshop!”
                             —Housewife, Lexington, MA

“As workshop leaders, Rich and Antra’s genius is to help couples realize the ordinary magic of being in relationship together, including all the pain and struggle of differences, and to appreciate relationship as a path of awakening.  
                             —Meditation teacher, Brookline, MA

"I'm unable to fully express what I feel, but I was extremely moved by the work done in this workshop  by both presenters and participants.  It was beautiful, frightening, wonderful, and healing.  
                             —Carpenter, Salem, MA




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